Let's build a better world for all of us, together.

I love working with artists, activists, and leaders in all sectors to elevate our collective conversations and create exciting new work together. Here are some ways I might be of service to you or your organization:

Freelance Theater Director + Dramaturg

I'm deeply invested in new play dramaturgy and enjoy consulting with playwrights about their work-in-progress. I also enjoy directing plays, developmental workshops and staged readings, but am especially keen to work collaborative on large-scale performance events and environmental pieces (the more giant puppets and dramatic lighting the better).  


 An expert in modern and contemporary global drama, I can also serve your institution by managing season programming, conducting research on new plays and playwrights, serving as a production dramaturg, and organizing community engagement initiatives.

Values-Driven Strategist


I'm passionate about helping organizations align their practices and policies with their stated values and developing robust mission and vision statements and strategic plans with organizations and businesses interested in making their communities better and more prosperous places for everyone. 

In addition to helping people dream big, I can also assist with implementing new strategic priorities across an organization. I'm a seasoned and detail-oriented project manager and line producer with experience working on content creation, digital marketing, advocacy, community partnerships, and data analysis/ implementation in the arts and higher education sectors. 

Teaching Artist for all ages and experiences

I  teach courses on dramatic literature, script analysis, dramaturgy, directing, and writing for teens and adults in educational and community settings (both in-person and online).​ I have also taught workshops for other teachers on responding to student writing and culturally competent writing tutoring. Contact me below if you're interested in knowing more about the courses and workshops that I can offer.

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Geoff Luck

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