Developing a brighter future, together
I'm passionate about helping organizations align their practices and policies with their stated values and developing robust mission and vision statements and strategic plans with organizations and businesses interested in making their communities better and more prosperous places for everyone. I have extensive experience managing long-term projects and nurturing relationships between institutions, artists, and other stakeholders.

With over a decade of experience in the arts and higher education sectors, I am highly skilled at translating visionary thinking into actionable steps for implementation while refining internal communication and program execution processes to better serve an organization’s strategic priorities. I am a quick learner and creative problem solver with high emotional intelligence and cultural competence. I particularly enjoy building collaborative teams, creating engaging content, and launching new programs and initiatives. The skills I have gained in my academic career are portable to:


arts administration | vision-driven strategy consulting | program development & implementation | team building & workforce development | nonprofit development | community-engaged initiatives | marketing & communication | content development | grant & project management | institutional research | curriculum development

Creative Project Management: 
As a leader, my role is always to create an environment for my colleagues to do their very best work. This principle informs my management and facilitation style and my approach to developing new policies and initiatives. Much of this work centers on increasing transparency, removing barriers to access, and dismantling structures that serve white supremacy. I care about using inclusive language, utilizing universal design principles to prioritize accessibility, and creating clear pathways for apology, accountability, and learning when harm is done. I consider cultural competence a key value when recruiting collaborators and facilitators for workshops and public presentations. 
For more information about some of the professional roles I've held, please see my resume.
Current Projects:
  • "History Play" Exploring Creative Anachronism in contemporary theater and performance by examining living history, re-enactment, experimental performance, and history plays on stage

  • [Performance X] Site-specific and participatory theater piece scheduled to premiere in Charlottesville, VA in 2022. I am the lead dramaturg and co-director/deviser (with Megan Hillary). 

  • Ecologies of Suffering: Tragedy in the Anthropocene A book project on the intersections of contemporary tragedy and posthuman theory, with special attention to the former's articulate of colonial and ecological trauma.

  • Ecology & Performance Working Group (American Society of Theatre Research (with Ashley Chang and Antonia Krueger)

Selected Past Projects ​
  • Student Playwriting Festival, faculty line producer, University of Oklahoma

  • I-Wrote Project consultant and content writer

  • Artistic Consultant, Live Arts Theater focused on season planning for five consecutive seasons, with two seasons assisting the artistic director  as an ad hoc literary manager

  • Line Producer managing productions of new and classic plays in a variety of venues. Producer credits include Men On Boats, Sweet Charity, The Sugar (world premiere), The Master and Margarita, Death of a Salesman

  • Juror for the Speculative Literature Foundation assessing grant applications and writing samples

  • Selection Committee Member and Dramaturg Locally Sourced Festival, Charlottesville VA

  • Public Humanities Lab Director IHGC, University of Virginia

  • PI of the "Art in Public" Working Group  IHGC, University of Virginia

  • Digital Skriker Scholars' Lab, University of Virginia

  • Learning Technology Incubator Grant participant, specializing in digital pedagogies

  • Graduate English Student Association Conference, executive committee member, directed submissions and peer review process 

  • 186 South College Blog director and manager, University of Delaware