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Director's Note from THE WOLVES

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Kelli Shermeyer's program note for THE WOLVES by Sarah DeLappe

We fell in love with this story, which was also our story.

We schemed and dreamed.

We began the production process with intention.

We deepened our relationship to our craft.

We rehearsed with purpose and joy.

We learned from and with each other.

We cared for each other as whole people.

We embraced challenges as opportunities.

We handled setbacks with humor and candor.

We were reminded of our own fragility and vulnerability.

We were scared that we would fail.

We were reminded of our own strength, courage, and resilience.

We were also scared that we would succeed.

We welcome you to our City Sports Dome.

We are honored that you are here.

We are grateful that you are choosing to spend this time with us.

We hope you enjoy the show.

We are The Wolves.

We are ALL The Wolves.

-- Kelli Shermeyer

"In the end, it is that search for beauty, for transcendence, for communion with others in moments of joy that keep people returning to the game."

from Laurent Dubois's The Language of the Game

Photos by Martyn Kyle, Pernmoot Photography

Some Credits:

Set Design: Megan Hillary

Costume Design: Dakota Duncan

Lighting Design: Steven Reid

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