From "For the win: Live Arts fields teen angst in soccer drama The Wolves"

Review by Elizabeth Derby for Cville

"In the tight space of the Founders Theater, in identical uniforms and identical surroundings, each girl holds her own. Although it’s an ensemble piece, the play manages to avoid tipping favor to one or a few of its players. The dialogue is funny, the tension is real, and the experience is thoroughly enjoyable.

If these girls are wolves, we’re not meant to see animals tearing each other apart. Instead, we’re presented with a collective of fiercely complex and committed women standing side by side."

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Photo credits: Permoot/Martyn Kyle


THE Wolves

by Sarah delappe

Live Arts Theater

 spring 2019



Schuyler Barefoot

Margaret Anne Doran

Mary Lothamer

Camden Luck

Navashree Singh

Alejandra Sullivan

Iris Susen

Chloe Rodriguez-Thomas

Lynn Thorne

Erin Young

Production Team

Producer: Adrienne Oliver

Stage Manager: Ava Hession-Landman

Set: Megan Hillary

Lighting: Steven Reid

Sound: Kathleen Mueller

Costumes: Dakota Duncan

Props: Mimi Halpern

Photography: Martyn Kyle/Pernmoot

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devised by Kelli Shermeyer & Megan Hillary, with company members

* in development, performance postponed due to COVID-19

funded in part by the Mellon Global South Lab in Performance Cultures & Embodied Creative Practices

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