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Assembly Creative 

Art builds better futures. 

At Assembly Creative, we believe that all humans are fundamentally creative, and activating our capacity for imagination and generous collaboration is the key to building a better world. We love working with artists, activists, and leaders across sectors to elevate our collective conversations, launch transformative projects, build capacity, and support the administrative labor required to make art in an ethical, sustainable, and values-driven way. 


We offer services to individual creatives and organizations who want support in developing strategic visions, initiating new programs and public-facing initiatives,  expanding fundraising capacity, and producing their own work.  


Creative Vision for Organizations and Individual Artists 

We love helping organizations align their practices and policies with their stated values and mission. AC consultants have deep experience in the arts and culture sector and higher education and can help your organization revitalize its mission, create a strategic plan that balances expansive vision with clear and actionable steps, develop new programs, or draft an artist statement.

Project Planning, Implementation, and Assessment

In addition to helping people and organizations dream big, we can also assist with implementing new strategic priorities and evaluating current programming to determine areas for growth. We are particularly interested in working with organizations that want to deepen their community collaborations, engage in public art and humanities work, or initiate university-community partnerships. We also love supporting artists in producing their own work. 


Enhancing Capacity

As seasoned arts administrators, educators, grant writers, researchers, and line producers, we can help with a broad range of administrative tasks, including project management, event production, content creation, digital marketing, fundraising, advocacy, budgeting, institutional writing, data analysis/implementation.


Cultivating Creativity in Every (Work)Place

Assembly Creative's approach draws on our many years of teaching creative thinking and research to students in all fields of study, our work in nonprofits, and our own active artistic practices. This amalgamation of expertise makes us agile and engaging thought partners, and we can offer unique, tailored workshops that give your team the opportunity to work together on creative problem-solving challenges, articulate its values, refine organizational language and storytelling, or build an atmosphere of accountability and camaraderie.


We'd love to learn how we can support your work! Connect with us below.​

Thank you!

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