A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

E-52 | Spring 2010

From the outset, Midsummer was a collaborative venture meant to offer our company members the chance to work in a new environment - with all of the challenges performing outside entails - and our designers the ability to reuse and re-fabricate old, beloved costumes (or try their hand at building a donkey head).  It was also a strategic way to engage with our audiences in a new way, inviting them to join us for a picnic, a study break, or a windy afternoon where they could see the paths and buildings they walked through every day in a different light.


My co-director Danielle Pisechko and I focused on telling the story and kept the design simple, airy, and light (though we didn't shy away from the creepiness of the fey present in Shakespeare's text). We thought about this show as always in flux and in movement from the chiffon fairy skirts and the passersby walking through the arches that were our entrances and exists, to its portrayal of love which flows from many directions, but never smoothly.

Audience at Midsummer
Oberon and Tyler Rommel
Costume design by Abby Stenner
Danielle Hillanbrand Titania


Alex Herman

Anique Clements

Brian Tighe

Callie Eros

Chris Waters

Chrissy Magee

Dani Hillanbrand

Erinn Triplett

Gretchen Spencer

Kurt Meusel

Lucille Choi

Matthew Werth

Meg Gonzalez

Melissa Schultz

Michelle Klass

Miranda Daviduk

Nicole Nadler

Tyler Rommel

Production Team

Direction: Kelli Shermeyer & Danielle Pisechko

Stage Manager: Lucy McCully

Costumes: Abby Stenner

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devised by Kelli Shermeyer & Megan Hillary, with company members

* in development, performance postponed due to COVID-19

funded in part by the Mellon Global South Lab in Performance Cultures & Embodied Creative Practices

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