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advancing lifelong learning and creative expression in the service of a better future


About me

I believe that everyone should have access to opportunities for continued education and self-expression. I work with cultural organizations that believe the same. 


I trained as a both a humanities scholar and theater director, and I bring creativity and intellectual rigor to every project I embark on.

Strategic Planning  Writing 
Fundraising  Research & Learning

Program Development  Community  Engagement  Creative Initiatives 

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I help arts & cultural organizations create their futures.

I can support your organization by...

  • facilitating strategic planning, including creating or revising your mission statement, organizational values, community agreements, and/or strategic plans

  • developing inclusive and accessible educational programs and community engagement initiatives

  • advocating for your work to a variety of stakeholders through generating meaningful external communications, reports, and presentations

  • training staff and volunteers on best practices for inclusive learning and developing collaborative institutional partnerships

  • creating a strategy for organizing and archiving institutional data

  • refining internal communication and grant management systems

  • expanding fundraising capacity and working through complex institutional grant processes

  • structuring equitable selection processes for competitive opportunities including grants, exhibitions, and internships 

  • curating artistic and educational events and programs, in alignment with my content expertise (PhD) in contemporary theater/performance, cultural studies, and literature.

  • facilitating community dialogues or workshops in conjunction with events or exhibitions 

  • offering workshops in writing (many genres), research, and creativity

  • punching up external communications, impact reports, and other media 

Clients &

Kelli's work ethic made me want to bow down, often. The work's just juicy to her.  I found her brain fascinating and open, her depth kinda spooky. Kelli has myriad practical theatre skills she melds with her wicked humor, signature vision, and fierce heart to make unexpected and moving experiences.  It's done with poise, intensity and laughter - with this collaborative alchemy I so admire. 

Julie Hamberg

Theatre Director & former Artistic Director of Live Arts Theater

Recent Field Notes

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